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Safety in underground traffic facilities: Learning from experience

On the occasion of its annual Fire Chiefs’ Forum, the International Fire Academy discussed and presented its training methods to selected industry professionals.The topic for the 4th Fire Chiefs’ Forum, which was held in September 2015 in Engelberg, was “Co-ordination with operators and other emergency services”.The topics of field reports were diverse: railway and road tunnels, tunnel retrofitting, new construction and construction stages.[more]

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New link road brings relief to Gera-Liebschwitz

Since mid-August 2015, the new link road of the L1082n has been providing relief to the Gera district of Liebschwitz in Germany from through traffic. The centrepiece of the local bypass is a 317-metre long viaduct over the White Elster and two DB lines. This is a nine-span prestressed concrete structure, whose superstructure was designed as a two-web T-beam with variable design height and spans of 26.0 metres to 45.5 metres. [more]

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Ground-breaking ceremony for the gap closure of the B 6n

On 30 November 2015, the Federal Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt, together with the Minister for Regional Development and Transport of Saxony-Anhalt Thomas Webel, signalled the start of the gap closure of the “Nordharz highway” in the form of the first cut with a space at the Thurland junction.With the construction of the 17th construction stage of the B 6n, the 125-km-long east-west link between the A 395 (Bad Harzburg) and the A 9 at Thurland is completed and should be opened to traffic in 2018.[more]

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Tunnel construction experience of KREBS+KIEFER Korean engineers at KREBS+KIEFER

On 07 December 2015, engineers from Korea visited the Berlin office of KREBS+KIEFER. The employees from the Seoul Metropolitan Government and representatives of construction companies and engineering offices were looking to learn from experiences acquired from tunnel solutions involving entrances and exits along the stretch of road.In South Korea, changing lanes is not permitted when driving through a road tunnel (continuous route). There are not yet any tunnels with entrances and exits along the stretch of road:the first tunnel with entrances and exits is to be built as part of a current tunnel project. [more]

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Opening and ceremonial handover of the new building of the Berufsbildende Schule II in Kaiserslautern

On 1 December 2015, after a planning and construction period spanning almost four years, the new building of the BBS II was opened in a ceremony attended by the mayor, Dr Klaus Weichel, the Secretary of State at the Ministry of Education, Hans Beckmann, and Principal Fritz Pfaff.[more]

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The Lichtwiese railway in Darmstadt – Information event for the public with the participation of KREBS+KIEFER

As participants in the project management contract for the Lichtwiese railway in Darmstadt, KREBS+KIEFER is involved in the preparation, implementation and follow-up of the first public information event for the project. On 26 November 2015, all residents and interested parties had the opportunity to learn about the current status of the Lichtwiese railway project.[more]

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The new ship lift in Niederfinow enters the final stage of assembly

With the assembly of the counterweights for the new ship lift at Niederfinow, we are now entering one of the most spectacular phases of the construction project. 220 concrete weights with a total weight of approximately 10,000 tonnes will be connected to the pre-assembled cables in accordance with a precisely worked out schedule. These provide the counterweight to the steel trough of the ship lift. [more]

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25 years for the Chamber of Engineers in Baden-Württemberg; KREBS+KIEFER attended the engineers’ day and celebrations

On 18 November 2015, the Chamber of Engineers in Baden-Württemberg celebrated its 25th anniversary at festivities attended by a number of prominent officials. Under the motto “Export Baden-Württemberg Engineering Services”, the second engineers’ day in Baden-Württemberg took place alongside it with the participation of KREBS+KIEFER.[more]

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Ground-breaking ceremony for noise abatement measure in Ditzingen

In the presence of numerous well-known individuals, the symbolic start of construction for the noise abatement wall in Ditzingen, Germany, took place as part of the Federal Government’s programme for noise remediation on existing railways. This measure will also substantially reduce the noise level for residents with regard to Federal Highway 295, which runs in parallel. [more]

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KREBS+KIEFER covered the topic of “Sustainable Bridge Construction” in a presentation at the IABSE Symposium 2015 in Geneva

“Solutions for global challenges” was the motto of this year’s symposium of the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering, which took place from 23 to 25 September in Geneva, Switzerland. The main topics at the symposium were climate change and challenges in the energy sector, global challenges for engineers, the latest technology, and urbanisation and population growth.[more]

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It’s all systems go on the A 10!

On 7 October 2015, the stretch of the A 10 Nordring state motorway around metropolitan Berlin, which has now been expanded to six lanes, was opened to traffic. Since mid-2009, around EUR 65 million has been spent on this section of the state motorway, which is a good 5 km long.[more]

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1 October 2015: Fire Safety Department established at KREBS+KIEFER in Darmstadt

With immediate effect, we will also have an experienced team for all services related to preventive fire safety in Darmstadt, Germany. With a total of ten colleagues in the Fire Safety Department, both male and female, we have sufficient capacity to competently and reliably handle even large and challenging projects. Having a team with plenty of practical experience is the key to both technically and commercially ideal solutions.[more]

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Also this year, KREBS+KIEFER will once again be represented as a stand partner at Expo Real.KREBS+KIEFER will be represented in the university town of Darmstadt, Germany by Mr Roger Istel, Mr Werner Kisthardt and Ms Carin Jahnel in Hall C1 at Stand 331.[more]

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Excursion to the underworld

The geology of the largest karst area in Germany, the Schwabian Alb, was the focus of this year’s works outing for the southern branches of KREBS+KIEFER. After the labyrinth of passageways of the Laichingen Tiefenhöhle cave, they visited the construction site of the new Stuttgart–Ulm stretch, for which KREBS+KIEFER is currently providing local on-site supervision.[more]

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A day trip to Leipzig – and no one was taken for a ride!

This was the motto of our charming tour guide on our work outing to Leipzig on 17.09.2015. Even before the tour of both historically prized buildings and current construction projects in the centre of Leipzig, we were warmly welcomed in glorious sunshine by our Leipzig colleagues, who had superbly organised this year's work outing. [more]

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Ground-breaking ceremony at bERLinPro

On 10.09.2015, the symbolic "first cut with a spade" took place at the building shell that is to accommodate the first testing facility in the world for a linear accelerator with energy recovery (ER). The fundamental practicality of this trend-setting technology is being investigated here in Berlin with the collaboration of international research partners.[more]

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Karlsruhe turns 300 and keeps on growing – KREBS+KIEFER is there to help celebrate!

Karlsruhe was founded as a residential city in 1715 by Margrave Carl Wilhelm von Baden-Durlach. The city and its citizens are celebrating the anniversary with a variety of activities. For instance, the 33rd Baden marathon, with participants from KREBS+KIEFER, is also taking place against a background of the festivities. But even after 300 years, Karlsruhe is still far from being “complete”. KREBS+KIEFER is involved with many of the construction sites that are currently a feature of the city.[more]

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When competence protects lives: The new Director for Fire Safety is Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Dietmann

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Dietmann With retroactive effect to 1 September 2015, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Dietmann has been appointed as a director at KREBS+KIEFER Ingenieure GmbH in Darmstadt. Mr Dietmann will have managerial responsibility for the Fire Safety Department at our Darmstadt location with immediate effect.[more]

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Success with the underground tramway in Karlsruhe

On 7 September 2015 at 10.30 a.m., it finally arrived. The tunnel-boring machine named “Giulia” had penetrated the last seal wall with its cutting wheel measuring 9.3 m in diameter, and had thus successfully completed its approximately 2.1 km journey from east to west under the centre of Karlsruhe.[more]

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Staatliches Museum Schwerin: topping-out ceremony for the museum extension

“The museum has to grow, so that the past has a future”. With this mission statement of the friends of Staatliches Museum Schwerin e. V., the topping-out ceremony for the museum extension officially began on 27 August 2015.[more]

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Opening of the tram line stop at Berlin Central Station

After a hiatus of almost half a century, there will shortly once again be a tramline running along Invalidenstraße in Berlin, which links the western and eastern parts of the city. One of the most striking locations along this stretch is the stop at Berlin Central Station, which is covered by two lightweight concrete shell structures approximately 58 m long and 6 m wide.[more]

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FRANKLIN Mannheim: KREBS+KIEFER awarded professional services contract for construction site clearance, building logistics and safety management

The city of Mannheim, represented by the development company MWSP, will acquire the Benjamin Franklin Village, which has an area of around 144 hectares, from the Institute for Federal Real Estate. The area will be converted for civilian use in the years to come, with accommodation and commercial quarters.[more]

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Appointment of Mr Michael Schanzenbach Dipl.-Ing., as Managing Director in Darmstadt

With retroactive effect to 1 July 2015, Mr Michael Schanzenbach Dipl.-Ing. was appointed Managing Director of KREBS+KIEFER Ingenieure GmbH in Darmstadt. Mr Schanzenbach’s duties and responsibilities in the area of traffic facilities will be assumed by Mr Peter Dörr Dipl.-Ing. at the end of the year.[more]

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The award from the Board of Governors at the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz goes to Mr Brucker

On 16 July 2015, our student colleague Mr Sven Brucker, B. Eng. and two of his fellow students, received the award from the Board of Governors at the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz; in the former’s case, for the 1.0 grade he received for his Bachelor’s thesis.[more]

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Construction as a way of connecting vision and reality

On 23 June 2015, as part of a VDI event for the Berlin-Brandenburg district association, an audience of students and up-and-coming engineers followed with excitement Prof Stöwhaas’ presentation on the expansion of the Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-Haus.[more]

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Appointment of Mr Brian Sorg Dipl.-Ing. (TU) as General Manager in Leipzig, Germany

Mr Brian Sorg Dipl.-Ing. (TU) was appointed as General Manager as of 1 July 2015. Looking to the future as a member of the management team at KREBS+KIEFER Ingenieure GmbH, with its headquarters in Berlin, he will be responsible for traffic facilities and will also manage the branches in Leipzig and Bitterfeld-Wolfen.[more]

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Appointment of Mr Sven Schneider Dipl.-Ing. as General Manager in Dresden, Germany

Mr Sven Schneider Dipl.-Ing. was appointed General Manager as of 1 July 2015. In the future, he will support the management team at KREBS+KIEFER GmbH, with its headquarters in Berlin, with more multi-site responsibilities. He will share his knowledge and experience with employees, contributing in this way to the positive development of our company.[more]

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Opening of the World Conference Center (WCCB) in Bonn, Germany

On 7 June 2015, the World Conference Center in Bonn was officially opened as part of a UN climate conference. The guests of honour included the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and the Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs, Frank-Walter Steinmeier. After an eventful construction history, the new main building of the WCCB can now be put into use.[more]

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At the company fun run in Dresden, more KREBS+KIEFER runners at the start line than ever before

On 3 June 2015, the annual REWE team challenge was held in Dresden once again. At the seventh incarnation of this event, there were twenty eager KREBS+KIEFER employees from Dresdner raring to take part - as many as there's ever been![more]

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Opening of Bothmer Palace in Klütz

After a construction period totalling seven years, this year's Whit Saturday, on 23 May 2015, saw the ceremonial opening of the main building and east wing of the baroque Bothmer Palace in Klütz, near Wismar. Over 10,000 visitors were present at the opening and were rewarded in the afternoon with perfect weather for a day out.[more]

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The Kurt-Beyer Prize, established by HOCHTIEF, goes to Dr Laura Ritter

On 22 May 2015, Dr Laura Ritter from our Dresden office became the 43rd recipient of the Kurt-Beyer Prize, which was established by HOCHTIEF and has been awarded to the best practitioners in the fields of architecture and construction engineering for the past 19 years. We would like to pass on our sincere congratulations and best wishes to her![more]

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Live (experience) more – Architecture Day 2015

At this year's Architecture Day on 27 and 28 June 2015 in Rhineland-Palatinate, 70 selected projects under the theme of "Architecture is here to stay" will be presented within the framework of guided tours and accompanying events.[more]

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KREBS+KIEFER takes part in 2015 German Construction Engineering Day in Düsseldorf

The German Construction Engineering Day, with around 1,200 registered participants, took place on 23 and 24 April 2015 at the CCD Congress Center in Düsseldorf.[more]

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VISION student competition — Award presentation on 21/04/2015

The Chamber of Engineers in Hesse, Germany has been organising student competitions in collaboration with other Chambers of Engineers for some years now. Under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture in Hesse, the Chamber of Engineers in Hesse has, for the eighth time, contributed to the promotion of up-and-coming engineering talent.[more]

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KREBS+KIEFER involved with citizen information about the Seetor crossing in Radolfzell

On 1 April there was a citizen information event in Radolfzell regarding the Seetor crossing, a connection between the lake front and the historic old town which was challenging in many ways. The underpass construction underneath the tracks of the DB railway system is implemented as a jointless reinforced concrete construction with a length of approximately 90m. The overpass construction for the two DB stretches 4000 and 4330 are planned as steel trough cross sections with thick track plate. [more]

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The Second Young Engineers Colloquium of the German IABSE group in Stuttgart: KREBS+KIEFER strongly represented

On 23 March, the Second Young Engineers Colloquium of the German group of the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE) took place in Stuttgart. KREBS+KIEFER was strongly rep-resented with three contributions from different areas.[more]

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Laying the foundation stone in Freiburg: newly constructed administrative centre

After the end of the existing provisional arrangements for the Technical Town Hall dating from 1967 and the excavation of the construction pit, 18 March 2015 saw the laying of the foundation stone in the Stühlinger district of Freiburg, in glorious sunshine, for the first construction phase of the new administrative centre in Freiburg.[more]

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KREBS+KIEFER win the Special Award “Building of the Year 2013 of the Magdeburg Architects and Engineer Association.

On 1 November 2014, the Special Award “Building of the Year 2013” was awarded to the engineering office KREBS+KIEFER Ingenieure GmbH in Darmstadt in a special ceremony for the Magedburg low water-lock in the Rothensee conjoining canal.[more]

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Dresdner Stahlbaufachtagung (Dresden Steel Construction Conference) on 26 March 2015: Steel and composite structures in civil engineering and bridge construction

This year’s Dresdner Stahlbaufachtagung includes the key issues of multi-storey building in steel and composite construction, roof and wall systems in lightweight steel construction and bridge construction.[more]

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Relocation of the Hamburg Branch

The Hamburg branch of KREBS+KIEFER Ingenieure GmbH is moving on 16 January 2015. Due to the in-crease in personnel, the office space in Altstädter Straße has become too small.[more]

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Topping-out ceremony in Forchheim — New office and re-search building for Siemens Healthcare

After a construction period of around 16 months, the topping-out ceremony for the new Siemens Healthcare office and research building was celebrated in glorious sunshine on 13 January 2015 in Forchheim.[more]