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Official handover of the new student residence in Wildau

On 22nd No­vem­ber 2012, the new student residence was officially handed over to its owners, Stu­den­ten­werk Pots­dam. This means that the new accommodation directly on the campus of Tech­ni­sche Hoch­schule Wildau will be ready for around 100 students to move in at the beginning of the winter semester 2012/2013.[more]

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Celebration at the Branich tunnel in honor of St. Barbara

4th December was a special day for the builders of this tunnel. They did not work on this day but instead held a celebration in honor of their patron saint, St. Barbara.There are plenty of reasons to celebrate, since the tunnel tubes have already been driven over a length of more than 945 m. The rescue tunnel which runs parallel to them has also reached an impressive length of 845 m. Thanks to the protection of the tunnel’s patron saint, there have been no incidents during the driving process up to now. [more]

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Official opening ceremony for Katzenberg tunnel on the new and improved Karlsruhe – Basel railway line

On 4th December 2012, the imminent start of operations of the Katzenberg tunnel with the timetable change on 9th December was celebrated in advance with a symbolic opening ceremony.The significance of the Katzenberg tunnel and of this planning approval section was made clear in the speeches by the DB AG representative for the state of Baden-Württemberg, Mr. Eckart Fricke, the Chairman of the Board of Deut­sche Bahn AG, Dr. Rüdiger Grube, the Federal Minister for Transport, Building and Urban Development, Dr. Peter Ramsauer, the Mi­nis­ter for Traffic and Infrastructure of the state of Baden-Württemberg, Mr. Win­fried Her­mann and the tunnel’s patron, retired parliamentary secretary Ms. Marion Capers-Merk.[more]

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3rd place in a competition to improve Messe Essen

As specialist advisers to HPP Ar­chi­tects, Düs­sel­dorf, Krebs und Kie­fer won a prize in the two-stage competition to improve the Messe Essen trade fair facilities. In addition to a first prize, two third prizes were awarded, one of these to the HPP general planning team.[more]

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1st prize in competition "Kultur- und Veranstaltungshaus Weikersheim"

Together with Munich-based architects HENN, landscape architects Nowak and other participants in the planning process, KREBS+KIEFER won the first prize in the competition to design a new culture and event building in Wei­kers­heim.[more]

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Günter Ernst celebrates his 65th birthday

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Günter Ernst celebrated his 65th birthday on 15th October 2012. He can look back with pride and satisfaction on a productive and successful career which now spans more than 40 years. [more]

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Topping-out ceremony for the new sales headquarters of Mercedes-Benz Germany in Berlin

A new administrative center is currently being built for Mercedes-Benz Sales Germany on the banks of the River Spree in Berlin. The jointless complex, which is being constructed as a “green building”, consists of a 13-floor tower and a comb-shaped administrative building with 6 floors. It is almost 100 m long and was designed by Berlin architects Gewers & Pudewill.[more]

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KREBS+KIEFER joins waterway engineering association IWSV

Since the middle of this year, KREBS+KIEFER has been a member of IWSV (In­ge­ni­eur­ver­band für Was­ser- und Schiff­fahrts­ver­wal­tung – association of engineers for waterways and navigation management), an association which is open to engineering consultancies and construction companies. IWSV represents the interests of engineers active in the areas of waterways, navigation and ports. [more]

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Cornerstone of the Porta building on the MainTor site is laid

On 29th August 2012, the cornerstone of the first new building on the former Degussa site between Untermainkai and Neue Mainzer Straße in Frankfurt took place in the presence of Frank­furt’s mayor and head of planning Olaf Cunitz, DIC chairman Ulrich Höller, the architect Jürgen Engel and the chairman of Union Investment. [more]

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New ship lift in Niederfinow: current status of construction

The oldest ship lift which is still in operation, the ship lift at Niederfinow (built in 1934) is situated roughly halfway along the canal connecting the waterway hub at Berlin with the Baltic port of Stettin in Poland. It overcomes a height difference of 36 m and is currently being replaced by a new ship lift. When the new lift goes into operation, it will be capable of transporting a modern motorized cargo ship loaded with 104 standard shipping containers instead of only 27 as at present. The total project costs of around 285 million Euros are being financed by the German federal government and the European Union (50 million Euros of ERDF funding).[more]

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A 60 motorway near Hechtsheim is open to traffic

The A 60 "Main­zer Ring" federal motorway was permanently opened for traffic on Friday 10th August 2012. Guests at the official celebration were welcomed by leading construction director Bernhard Knoop of LBM Worms; they included the Rheinland-Pfalz Minister for Internal Affairs, Sport and Infrastructure, Mr. Roger Lewentz, the Mayor of Mainz, Mr. Michael Ebling, the Mayor of Hechtsheim, Ms. Ursula Groden-Kranich and the Secretary of State of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development, Dr. Andreas Scheuer.[more]

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KREBS+KIEFER now specialize in hydraulic steel construction: IRS joins the K+K Group

With the integration of Ingenieurbüro Rapsch und Schubert Stahlwasserbau Consulting GmbH (IRS), Würzburg, into the K+K group of companies, KREBS+KIEFER has further extended its range of services and increased its presence in Bavaria. [more]

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Unstruttal viaduct – Germany’s second longest railway bridge

On 6th July 2012, the completion of the Unstruttal viaduct was celebrated in Karsdorf (Burgenlandkreis) in the state of Sachsen-Anhalt. After five and a half years of construction, the last section of the viaduct, which forms part of the new Erfurt – Leipzig/Halle railway line VDE 8.2, was finished. [more]

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Topping-out celebration at Gymnasium Stahnsdorf

On 15th June, the topping-out celebration took place at the new Gymnasium (secondary school) in Stahns­dorf. Now that the sports hall is already being used, every effort is being made to complete the school building in time for the start of the 2013-2014 school year. [more]

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Germany’s largest wildlife crossing as a timber construction

From 15th June 2012, 25 heavy load trucks started to deliver the prefabricated laminated beams and plywood panels for Germany’s largest wildlife crossing. It is currently being built in the district of Teltow-Fläming in Brandenburg and with a length of 40 m, it will allow wildlife to cross the four-lane B 101 road. [more]

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Topping-out celebration in the southern gatehouse of the Neue Palais in Potsdam

On Friday, 15th June 2012, the Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation Berlin-Brandenburg (SPSG) held a topping-out celebration in the 243-year-old southern gatehouse of the Neue Palais in Potsdam.[more]

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Noise protection program at Frankfurt Airport: Expert reports / acoustic assessments

Under the Frankfurt Airport noise protection program, KREBS+KIEFER Ingenieure GmbH Darm­stadt carries out the acoustic assessments required by persons affected by the noise and property owners in the area around the airport for submission to the Regional Council in Darmstadt. [more]

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Official opening of the biomedical research center at Seltersberg (BFS) in Gießen

On 21st May 2012, the Sel­ters­berg biomedical research center (BFS), which forms part of Justus-Liebig-Universität Gie­ßen, was officially opened. After the official opening by Prof. Muk­herjee, pre­si­den­t of the university, there were speeches by the Minister President of Hesse, Volker Bouffier, by the director of the Hesse construction management authority, Thomas Platte (representing the owner) and by Prof. John Ziebur, chairman of the board of BFS.[more]

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Demolition work on the MainTor site officially completed

On 15th May 2012, the demolition work that started last year on the former Degussa site between Untermainkai and the Kar­me­li­ter­klos­ter in Frank­furt am Main was officially completed. The staff of the planning consultancies involved were invited to demolish the last remaining parts of the complex themselves. [more]

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Ground-breaking ceremony for 5th chamber of Brunsbüttel lock

The ground-breaking ceremony for the new chamber of the lock system at Brunsbüttel took place on 17th April 2012 in the presence of Federal Minister of Transport, Building and Urban Development, Peter Ramsauer, State Transport Minister Jost de Jager and Gesa Völkl, head of the Bruns­büt­tel water and navigation authority. The lock system is part of the Kiel Canal, which is said to be the most heavily used artificial waterway in the world. [more]

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Opening of the Zentrale Kunstdepot in Freiburg

After 16 months of construction, the new Zentrale Kunstdepot (central art storage building) in Freiburg im Breisgau was handed over to its users during an official ceremony on 3rd May 2012. The collections of the city museums, of various foundations and of the archdiocese - a total of 200.000 artworks with an estimated value of ca. 250 million EUR - will be stored in the new building which cost around 7 million EUR (including photovoltaic equipment). [more]

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Technische Universität Dresden – new Technikum building in Nöthnitzer Straße: topping-out ceremony in April 2012

On 27th April 2012, all those involved in the planning and construction of the Technikum building in Dresden’s Nöthnitzer Straße gathered to celebrate the completion of the building shell. [more]

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Light show on the TaunusTurm site in Frankfurt am Main

Tishman Speyer Properties Deutschland GmbH took part in the Luminale 2012 lighting culture festival in Frankfurt am Main with a light show over the site of the TaunusTurm tower. "Lichtvision" developed a light object based on a concept by the Norwegian light designer Laura Bernadet. The object consists of a three-dimensional Y-shaped steel structure made of box profiles supporting C-profiles that project like wings, to which fluorescent tubes are fixed.[more]

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New buildings in Frankfurt’s historic city center – cornerstone is laid for the DomRömer project

Around halfway through the construction period, on 23rd January 2012, the cornerstone for the new buildings in Frankfurt’s historic city center was laid by the city’s Mayor, Dr. Petra Roth. The project has been the focus of much public interest.250 guests from the worlds of politics, business and the media, including representatives of KREBS+KIEFER, were invited to the ceremony in the Archeological Garden between the Römer (city hall) and the Dom (cathedral).[more]

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Ground-breaking ceremony for a primary school with daycare facility and indoor swimming pool in Frankfurt-Riedberg

In the north of Frankfurt, the new residential district of Frank­furt-Riedberg is currently under construction; in the long term, it will provide living space and facilities for around 15.000 inhabitants. The construction of the second primary school in the district officially began with a ground-breaking ceremony on 27th March in the presence of Sarah Sor­ge, head of Frankfurt’s Education Department, and Fried­helm Flug, Managing Director of the urban development company HA Stadtentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH.[more]

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Opening of the redesigned Brentanopark in Frankfurt am Main

The opening ceremony for the fully redesigned Brentanopark and the two new bridges over the River Nidda took place on Friday 2nd March in the presence of Ma­nu­e­la Rott­mann, head of Frankfurt’s Environment Department and Stefan Majer, head of the Traffic Department. With this event, the park was officially opened for use by the citizens of Frankfurt.[more]

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1st prize in competition for Kienlesberg bridge, Ulm

In cooperation with Knight Ar­chi­tects (UK), KREBS+KIEFER won a competition held by Stadtwerke Ulm for a new bridge for local public transport, pedestrians and cyclists. Two third prizes were also awarded.As part of the planned new tramline 2 in Ulm, the “city of science”, the local transport company SWU Verkehr GmbH held a realization competition with advance pre-qualification measures.[more]

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Official start of tunneling for the Branich tunnel in Schriesheim

As part of a bypass for the town of Schriesheim, the 1.796 m long Bra­nich ­tun­nel is being built on the L 536 road. The tunnel will pass under the up to 280 m high Branich district north of Schriesheim with a cover height of up to 115 m.The tunnel, with two 3,5 m traffic lanes, emergency routes and margins, will have a clear width of 9,50 m and a clear height of 4,50 m. To meet tunnel safety requirements, four escape galleries are planned.[more]

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Foundation stone is laid for Taunusturm building in Frankfurt am Main

The foundation stone for Frankfurt’s 170 m high Taunusturm was laid on 18th January 2012 in the presence of City Mayor Dr. Petra Roth.This project is being realized on a 5.500 m² site on the corner of Taunustor and Neue Mainzer Straße by American developers Tishman-Speyer in cooperation with Commerzbank Real. The complex consists of a 40-floor office tower and an 18-floor residential tower linked by a 6-floor podium. Its four underground levels will mostly be used for parking.[more]

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Happy 80th Birthday, Professor Krebs!

For all of us in the management team and staff of KREBS+KIEFER Ingenieure GmbH, it is a great pleasure to celebrate the 80th birthday of our company founder and senior partner, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Albertus Krebs today, 12th January 2012. His impressive career is closely linked with the foundation and development of our consultancy.Prof. Krebs studied civil engineering at Technische Hochschule Darmstadt from 1950 to 1955. He then became one of the first staff members of a private engineering consultancy owned by his teacher, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alfred Mehmel, Germany’s most prominent bridge expert in the post-war period. In 1962 Prof. Krebs completed his doctorate with a dissertation on annular slabs.[more]

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Opening of research center for regenerative therapies (CRTD) in Dresden

After nine months of construction and eighteen months of finishing work, the state-of-the-art extension to the new center for regenerative therapies (CRTD) in Dres­den was officially opened on 26th October 2011 and handed over to its future users. The official opening ceremony was held in the presence of Saxony’s State President Stanislaw Tillich, the State Minister for Science and Art Prof. Dr. Schorlemer and the Lord Mayor of Dresden, Dirk Hilbert. For the first time, all 17 CRTD research groups now have the facilities necessary for research and teaching activities at the highest level under one roof. [more]

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Breakthrough in new Kaiser-Wilhelm-Tunnel in Cochem

After more than 130 years, a second tunnel tube is being added to the old Kaiser-Wilhelm-Tun­nel - at 4.242 meters one of Germany’s longest railway tunnels - in order to meet current safety standards. Excavation work started in May 2010 from Ediger-Eller through the mountain to Cochem.[more]

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The new „Mosquée de l’Algérie“ in Algeria

On 31st October 2011, the cornerstone for the new „Mosquée de l’Algérie“ was laid as part of an official ceremony attended by the German ambassador and the President of Algeria, Mr. Abdelaziz Bouteflika. The ceremony marked the official start of construction on the world’s third largest mosque after the Islamic pilgrimage sites in Mecca and Me­dina. [more]

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Ground-breaking ceremony for major overhaul of the double-chamber lock at Kachlet

The official ground-breaking ceremony for this 86 million Euro project took place in Passau on 10th October 2011 in the presence of State Secretary Dr. Scheuer, Mayor of Passau Mr. Dupper, president of the waterways authority in Southern Germany Mr. Aster und head of the Bavarian waterways authority Mr. Schillinger.As part of a consortium, KREBS+KIEFER was responsible for the planning and tender procedure for the concrete construction and in part for construction supervision.[more]

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Opening of Heimsheim – Wurmberg section of A 8 motorway

The official opening ceremony of this section of the A 8 motorway between Stutt­gart and Pforzheim took place on 17th October 2011 in the presence of State Secretary Dr. Scheu­er, Minister of Transport of the state of Baden-Wurttemberg Mr. Hermann and District President Dr. Kühner. The ceremony marked the expansion of a further section of the busy A 8 motorway to 6 lanes and opened it to traffic as one of the main east-west transit routes.[more]

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Topping-out ceremony for the Riedberg-Gymnasium near Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt‘s Deputy Mayor and head of education, Jutta Ebeling of the Green party, shared an interesting fact at the topping-out ceremony on 12th September: the Riedberg-Gymnasium is the first new school of its type to be opened in Frankfurt for 100 years.Just how much has changed during these hundred years was shown not only by a model of the school, which, with its adjacent youth center, can be used as a full-day school, but also by its design: the school is to be built as a zero-energy building that provides a pleasant learning environment without the need for traditional heating and cooling systems. [more]

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Opening of Peek & Cloppenburg flagship store in Vienna

„A department store is not a normal shop. It is much more like a marketplace, a public space. As we open this store, we bring the marketplace to life.“ At its opening ceremony, British star architect Sir David Chipperfield presented his latest work in the heart of Vienna’s old city in person. The flagship store belonging to the Dusseldorf-based fashion and clothing chain Peek & Cloppenburg KG has been open to the public since 1st September 2011. Fashion-conscious customers can find a wide variety of styles and brands over 11.700 m² of sales area on Kärntner Straße, in sight of the Stephansdom. [more]

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Steel trusses cross the River Nidda

As part of the „Neue Mitte Bad Vilbel“ (new town center in Bad Vilbel) project, a public library with gastronomy is being built across the River Nidda and is expected to be completed in spring 2013.   Following rapid progress on the buildings forming the base (basement floors and stair enclosures), three huge steel trusses were put into place on 25th and 26th August 2011. A 500-tonne crane rotated the trusses across the Nidda with great precision. To the amazement of local residents, who had turned out in large numbers to watch, the enormous steel elements were positioned on the base structures on both sides of the river, one after another exactly as planned. [more]

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Topping-out ceremony for the Space 20 office building in Darmstadt

On 11th August 2011, after only seven months of construction, the topping-out ceremony for Space 20 was held in Robert-Bosch-Straße in Darmstadt’s Eu­ro­pa­vier­tel district. The office building, which has a gross floor area of 6.500 m², was designed by the architects MSM Meyer Schmitz Morkramer and is being developed by Strabag Real Estate. The general planner is Ed. Züblin AG. [more]

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Topping-out ceremony for the National Stadium in Bucharest, Romania

The topping-out ceremony for the National Stadium took place in Bucharest on 28th July 2011. The soccer stadium for 55.000 spectators was built by the German-Italian joint venture for the municipality of Bucharest and cost 140 million EUR. It is to be used for matches involving the Romanian national team and for international FIFA matches. The first official match will take place in early September against France. [more]

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Belfry of Kreuzkirche in Dresden restored

The bells of the Kreuzkirche in Dresden had been silent for more than two years - since 9th March 2009. An expert report assessed damage to the steel belfry structure as so serious that the parish community of the Protestant Kreuzkirche expected to have to replace it. The bronze bells weigh ca. 28,5 tonnes and are the fourth largest in Germany, after the bells of Cologne Cathedral, the Münster in Constance and the Stiftskirche in Neustadt.[more]

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Ground-breaking ceremony for Skyline Plaza, Frankurt am Main

The realization of this project - which is directly adjacent to the Frankfurt exhibition grounds and has been planned for more than a decade - started with a ground-breaking ceremony on 1st June 2011. By 2013, a newly built shopping and leisure center will be the new focal point of the „Europaviertel“ district. [more]

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Opening of the Hohensaaten road bridge on 27th May 2011

On 27th May 2011, the replacement road bridge at Hohensaaten was officially opened to traffic. A speech on behalf the owner was given by the head of the office for new waterway construction in Berlin, Mr. Rolf Dietrich. Further speeches were given by Mr. Carsten Bock­hardt (Barnim rural district), Mr. Ralf Lehmann (Mayor of the town of Frei­en­wal­de) und Mr. Olaf Neumann (Site Manager, Schäfer Bauten GmbH). [more]

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PIANC Annual General Asssembly in Berlin in May 2011:
KREBS+KIEFER reports on the new ship lift at Niederfinow

The PIANC Annual General Asssembly took place from 16th to 19th May at the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBS) in Berlin. During this event, the German section of PIANC offered excursions and seminar presentations on future development in shipping. As well as reports on innovative projects on the German waterways and on the development of the ports in Hamburg, Bremen and Wilhelmshaven, the subjects of the environment and sustainability in waterway construction were also addressed.  [more]

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Laying two foundation stones on 23 May 2011 on the former site of the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau

On 23 May 2011, Minister of Science Sabine Kunst (2nd from left) and university governor Laszlo Ungvari (4th from left) ceremonially laid the two foundation stones for the Administration Building II and the student halls of residence on the former heavy machinery construction site of the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau.[more]

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Official opening of the Kreuzstraße Tunnel in Tuttlingen

On 17.02.2011, the official opening of the Kreuzstraße urban tunnel took place in Tuttlingen. An introductory address by Mr. Hans-Joachim Bumann, the head of the department for roads and traffic of the Freiburg regional council, was followed by speeches by Dr. Peter Ramsauer, the Federal Minister for Transport, Building and Urban Development and by the Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Transport in the state of Baden-Württemberg, Ms. Tanja Gönner. [more]

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Waldschlösschen bridge over the Elbe in Dresden is in position

On 19th December 2010, the central section of the Waldschlösschen bridge was moved into its final position over the River Elbe. To do this, the 140 meter long bridge section weighing 1800 tons was raised by 10 meters and then moved 195 meters forwards and 54 meters to the side. Two pontoons in the Elbe were used.[more]

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60 years of KREBS+KIEFER: civil engineers design living environments

"Bauingenieure gestalten Lebenswelten" (civil engineers design living environments) was both the motto of the 60-year jubilee celebration and the title of the book that was presented during the event. On 27th October 2010, the Otto-Bernd-Halle, which many of those present remembered as a cafeteria during their student days, shone with an unaccustomed sparkle. Many clients, business partners and guests from the worlds of politics and business were welcomed with jazz and sparkling apple wine at the start of a Hesse-themed evening to celebrate the 60th jubilee of KREBS+KIEFER.[more]

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Topping-out ceremony for the gas turbine plant in Darmstadt

On 2nd December 2010, the topping-out ceremony for the gas turbine plant in Darmstadt took place in the presence of those involved in the planning and construction of the plant. This modern, highly efficient gas turbine plant with a total output of 100 megawatts is located on the “Knell” site between Frankfurter Straße and Sensfelderweg and is being built by HEAG Südhessischen Ener­gie AG (HSE AG). With total costs of 55 million Euros, it represents one of the largest investment projects in the region. Designed for control energy purposes, it forms part of HSE AG’s sustainability strategy and is intended to compensate for the increasing proportion of fluctuating renewable energy sources. Construction started in June 2010 and the plant is expected to be connected to the grid in spring of 2012.[more]

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New lock in Fürstenberg an der Havel:
Opening in time for the 2010 summer season

Fürstenberg lock was officially opened on 6th June 2010, following a 6-month closure of the Oder-Havel waterway. In the presence of Thomas Menzel (President, Waterways and Shipping Directorate East), Jörg Vogelsänger (Minister for Infrastructure and Agriculture of the state of Bran­den­burg), Robert Philipp (Mayor of the town of Fürstenberg/Havel), Max Hiller (chief executive of  the water sports trade association Wirtschaftsverband für Wassersport e.V.) and Peter Teß­mer (Managing Director of Gebrüder Kemmer GmbH), the lock was opened for traffic. [more]

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Ground-breaking ceremony for the extension of the Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-Haus

The ground-breaking ceremony for the extension of the Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders Haus in the Parlamentsviertel district in Berlin Mitte took place on 9th November 2010. A speech on behalf of the owner was made by the president of the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning, Rita Ruoff-Breuer, while speeches on behalf of the users were made by Dr. Peter Raumsauer, Federal Minister for Transport, Building and Urban Development and by Dr. Wolfgang Thierse, vice-president of the German Federal Parliament and chairman of the committee of the Council of Elders on building and planning.   [more]

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Topping-out ceremony for the Peek & Cloppenburg flagship store in Vienna

A topping-out ceremony on 10th November 2010 marked the official completion of construction of the shell of a new flagship store in Vienna for the Düsseldorf-based textile group Peek & Cloppenburg. The new department store with a sales area of around 12.000 m² is currently being constructed on Kärntner Straße, not far from the Stephansdom. The design, by the well-known firm David Chipperfield Architects, is characterized by its simplicity and severity, with a façade of Danube limestone reflecting local tradition.  [more]

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Topping-out Ceremony for the Operation Center at Frankfurt Airport

On 3rd November 2010, the topping-out ceremony for Building 181 at Frankfurt Airport took place with the participation of those involved in the planning and construction of the building. In their speeches, the owners praised the on-schedule completion of the building shell and the high levels of efficiency and flexibility in the future office areas.   The office tower is located between Terminals 1 and 2 and was built for Fra­port AG. The outline of the building follows the angle between Piers C and D and it opens towards the apron.The lower levels UG to E3 are used by the airport and are therefore accessed from the apron side. The upper levels are accessed from the operations side. Because of this, different security standards apply to the building. [more]

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60 years of KREBS+KIEFER:
Civil engineers create environments for living

This year, the KREBS+KIEFER engineering consultancy has good reason to celebrate: it’s our 60th birthday, an occasion to look back over what we have achieved, and also to look to the future. Over the past 60 years, the engineering consultancy founded in 1950 by Prof. Alfred Mehmel at the Institute for Solid Construction at the Technical University in Darmstadt has developed into a successful engineering enterprise with wide-ranging competencies. Now covering more than half a century, the history of our business includes projects that represent real milestones, projects of which we can be rightly proud.[more]

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Research center for regenerative therapies (CRTD) in Dresden: Topping-out ceremony in April 2010

On 21st April 2010, all those involved in the planning and construction of the new center for regenerative therapies (CRTD) in Dresden met to celebrate the official completion of the building shell, under the topping-out wreath in the communications hall, the entrance area of the future research complex. As Prof. Dr. Brandt, the head of the CRTD, commented when the foundation stone was laid, this meant that for the scientists working at CRTD, the „hole of hope“ (construction pit) had been transformed into a „hall of hope“ (communications hall).[more]

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Opening of the “Topography of Terror” Documentation and Visitor Center in Berlin on 6th May 2010

Central elements of the Third Reich terror regime were located on the site around the former Prinz-Albrecht-Palais: the SS, Gestapo and the Reich Security Head Office shared headquarters here until 1945. The opening ceremony for the Documentation Center on 6th May 2010 opened not only a place of remembrance but also a place of learning. [more]

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New “Topography of Terror“ Documentation Center in Berlin:
Handover to the “Topography of Terror“ foundation on 24th February 2010

For around 25 years, the “Topography of Terror“ foundation had wished to develop its own special documentation center on a historically significant site. After successful completion, the new building designed by the architect Ursula Wilms (Heinle, Wischer und Partner, Berlin) was handed over to its users on schedule on 24th February 2010. This important milestone on the way to the planned opening in May 2010 was fittingly celebrated with a small reception held by the owner (BBR) in the foyer of the new documentation center.  [more]

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Center for Microsystems and Materials, Berlin Adlershof:
Topping-out ceremony on 8th March 2010

The new Center for Microsystems and Materials includes laboratory and office space as well as a hall with clean room conditions for the establishment and expansion of small to mid-sized businesses. It offers space for research and development. The topping-out ceremony on 8th March 2010 represented a further important milestone in the development of Adlershof as a center of scientific activity. Here in Berlin Ad­lers­hof, one of the most successful scientific and economic development projects in reunited Germany after 1989, we also planned the first building for the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM). [more]

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Ground-breaking ceremony for the new E.ON Bayern AG headquarters in Regensburg

Construction of a new office building and competence center for E.ON Bayern AG in Lilienthalstraße in Regensburg officially started with the ground-breaking ceremony on 22nd March. The owner of the building is a project management company consisting of the Frankfurt-based property developer Fay Projects GmbH and the Munich-based Real I.S. Gesellschaft für Immobilien.  The design competition, which was held in summer 2009, was won by the Heidelberg architects APA. The general contractor is the Mannheim office of Züblin. [more]

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Official handover ceremony for the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection in Berlin

A new building for the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection in Berlin was officially handed over to its users on 28.01.2010.^With its irregular floor plan geometry, its dark façade and loam rendered walls, the building represents an outstanding architectural project. KREBS+KIEFER was responsible for the structural design, for building physics calculations on thermal insulation in accordance with the laws on energy saving, for structural noise protection, for calculations on structural fire protection and for monitoring of engineering aspects of the construction process. [more]

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Ground-breaking ceremony for a new school cafeteria and sports hall at the Integrierte Gesamtschule (IGS) Bretzenheim in Mainz

A ground-breaking ceremony on 13th December 2010 marked the official start of construction of a new cafeteria and a three-area sports hall for the IGS Bretzenheim in Mainz.Prominent representatives of the areas of education and politics were invited to this “happy day”, as Jens Beutel, the mayor of Mainz, called the occasion in his opening speech.[more]

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Opening ceremony for the new BayArena in Leverkusen on 13th August 2009

On schedule, two days before the season’s first home game against SC Hoffenheim, the BayArena was ceremonially opened on 13th August 2009 following major expansion and alteration work. In the presence of DFB president Theo Zwanziger, the host, Bayer 04 Managing Director Wolfgang Holzhäuser, welcomed around 500 guests consisting of representatives of the firms involved in the project, prominent persons from the worlds of sport and politics and the club’s sponsors. The chairman of the mother company, Werner Wenning of Bayer AG, highlighted the use of innovative Bayer products during the project, for instance the 28.000 m² of roof membrane made of the synthetic material Makrolon. [more]

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Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden: Start of construction work

Following completion of the special civil engineering work for its pile foundations, construction of the Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden started in July 2009.In a second construction phase, the center will be directly connected with the existing biology innovation center (BiOZ). For the Tech­ni­sche Universität Dresden, the future user of the building, this represents an expansion of the research facilities as part of the Biopolis-Dresden program for stem cell and regeneration research. [more]

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Groundbreaking ceremony for major transportation project in Karlsruhe

As an advance measure for the “Kombilösung” tramline project in the center of Karlsruhe – a once-in-a-century undertaking expected to cost ca. 590 million EUR – an information pavilion is now being constructed according to the designs of the competition winners, Kränzle+Fischer-Wasels Architekten. The Kombilösung project combines tunneling under Kaiserstraße, which is heavily used by trams and represents a bottleneck in an east-west direction, with a new southern route bypassing the city center via Kriegsstraße. The tunnel is being constructed using the shield driving method and will allow all tram routes currently passing through the Kaiserstraße pedestrian zone to run underground. [more]

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KREBS+KIEFER is a member of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB)

Since 11th March 2009, KREBS+KIEFER Beratende Ingenieure GmbH has been a member of the the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).DGNB e.V. is a not-for-profit association founded in 2007 by specialists from the construction and real estate industries. In accordance with its statutes, the DGNB promotes solutions and methods of planning and using buildings that create environmentally friendly and resource-saving living space. [more]

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Last section of the A 96 Munich - Lindau motorway opened for traffic

After 40 years of planning and 32 years of construction, the goal was reached: on 23.11.2009, the last section in the A 96 Munich – Lindau motorway was opened for traffic. The opening of the new Ge­braz­ho­fen – Dürren section has eliminated a congestion- and accident-prone bottleneck from the German road network.Together, the A 8 and the A 96 form an efficient connection between Rosenheim and Lindau. In combination with the A 7, there is now an excellent north-south axis between Scandinavia and Austria that also has connections with Switzerland and Italy.[more]

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Contract for "Mosque of Algiers" signed during Chancellor Merkel's visit to Algeria

The general planning contract for the"Mosque of Algiers" was signed on 17.07.2008 in the presence of Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Bouteflika.KREBS+KIEFER International won the design competition for the world's third largest mosque in January 2008, in consortium with the architects KSP Engel und Zimmermann. The complex will accommodate 40,000 worshippers and will be dominated by a 214 m high minaret. Completion is planned for 2014.As part of the planning consortium, KREBS+KIEFER will take on the entire structural design and infrastructure planning in addition to the tasks of general planning and project management.[more]

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A 111 motorway, Tunnel at Tegel Airport (TFT), Safety Officer unter RABT 2006

On 13.06.2008, after an 18-month construction period during which the A 111 was completely closed, the tunnel at Tegel Airport (known as the TFT) was reopened to traffic. Once again, the tunnel is being used by 90,000 vehicles per day.Dipl.-Ing. F. Embert-Kreiser (KREBS+KIEFER, Berlin) was involved in the execution phase of the alteration work as the Safety Officer unter RABT 2006.[more]

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New ship lift at the Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River in China

A new ship lift using the counterbalance principle is to be built to transport passenger ships past the gigantic Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River in China.Construction of the foundation slab started in November 2007.The Chinese owners plan to put the new ship lift - which will be the world's largest - into operation in 2013 / 2014.Publications and lectures on this project (in German):[more]