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Blue emergency lights instead of flickering candles ...

... for more than 80 police, fire services and rapid response personnel in Bautzen on 14th Decem­ber 2013. The scenario for the exercise: in the west tangent tunnel in Bautzen, a van has been tail-ended by a car, resulting in a fire. The fire services are required to rescue injured persons and fight the fire. Together with the rapid response group and the police, the fire services from Baut­zen, Klein­wel­ka and Stie­bitz practiced a deployment involving a serious road traffic accident with a resulting fire. [more]

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Güterfelde bypass goes into operation a year early

After only three years of construction - one year earlier than planned - the Güterfelde bypass was opened to traffic on 16th Decem­ber 2013. This 3,9 km long four-lane road not only reduces the through traffic burden on the surrounding communities, but also forms an important component of the connection between Pots­dam and the future Ber­lin Bran­den­burg In­ter­na­tio­nal Airport. [more]

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Ground-breaking ceremony for new judicial center in Bad Kreuznach

After several years of planning, construction work on this project officially began with the symbolic ground-breaking ceremony on the site at the Ge­ne­ral Rose Park industrial estate in Bad Kreuz­nach. Many representatives from the worlds of politics and business joined those responsible for the project at the former conversion area for the ground-breaking ceremony on 28th No­vem­ber 2013. They included the chairperson of the CDU group in the state parliament Ju­lia Klöck­ner, justice minister of Rhein­land-Pfalz Jo­chen Hart­loff and state secretary for finance Sal­va­to­re Bar­ba­ro.[more]

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Overall safety concepts (RABT) for 20 road tunnels in the city of Cologne

The tunnel safety department of KREBS+KIEFER Beratende Ingenieure GmbH has been commissioned to produce the overall safety concepts (RABT) for 20 road tunnels in the city of Cologne. Be­fore the many tunnels under railway facilities were examined, the first stages of the work concentrated on the group of tunnels around Cologne Cathedral. [more]

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"Lindwürmer" daycare center on the campus of FH Worms is officially opened

After only a year of construction, the „Lind­wür­mer“ daycare center on the campus of FH Worms was officially opened on 11th No­vem­ber 2013. Managing Director of the Stu­die­ren­den­wer­k Vor­der­pfalz Alex­an­dra Dies­tel-Fed­der­sen thanked all sponsors and supporters of this facility, which is so important for both students and staff of the University of Applied Sciences in Worms. [more]

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„Green light for tunnel safety“ at KREBS+KIEFER

At the moment, the traffic lights on the A 1 motorway in front of the noise protection enclosure at Köln-Lö­ve­nich still show red at night, so that testing of the safety equipment can be carried out. As part of the „Si­cher­heits­be­auf­tragt­e im Rhein­land“ consortium, Krebs und Kie­fer is involved in these acceptance procedures. For our tunnel safety team, the lights have already changed back to green. In a Europe-wide VOF procedure, the prices and performance of our bidding consortium have once again proved convincing. [more]

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Topping-out ceremony for the extension of Vocational School II in Kaiserslautern

Following completion in recent months of the building shell for the first construction phase of Vocational School II for business and social studies and the start of fitting out work, the staff of Kaiserslautern’s facility management department, the school management and the planners involved in the project had good reason to celebrate, two and a half years after the demolition of the Benzinoring building. [more]

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Ground-breaking ceremony for the replacement railway bridge over Weiherfeldstraße in Karlsruhe

With the ground-breaking ceremony performed on 27th Sep­tem­ber 2013 by the mayor of Karls­ru­he responsible for construction Mi­cha­el Obert, head of department at the Karls­ru­he municipal civil engineering authority Diet­mar Scha­ber, head of production processes at DB Net­ze AG Kars­ten Er­hardt, project leader at DB Pro­jekt­bau GmbH Fa­dil Gün­düz and managing director of B+H Bau GmbH Frank Mül­ler , construction work officially began on the replacement of the railway bridge over Wei­her­feld­stra­ße in Karls­ruhe. [more]

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Monorail for Luxemburg – K+K presents the result of the study of alternatives

Due to the increasing numbers of workplaces in the city of Lu­xemburg which have led to increasing numbers of commuters from France, the access routes towards the city – all main and secondary roads – have reached the limits of their capacity. This causes kilometer-long traffic jams every morning and evening and excessive traveling times to and from the workplaces. [more]

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Full steam ahead on the Oder-Spree Canal

After three years of construction work, Kersdorf lock, one of four locks on the Oder-Spree canal, was opened for navigation on 4th Sep­tem­ber 2013.The federal government has invested a total of 14 million Euros in repairing the lock and extending the length of its chamber to 144 m. Now that the project has been successfully completed, pushed barge trains can pass through the lock in a single operation. [more]

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Structural inspection of the old ship lift at Niederfinow is completed

As part of its duty to ensure transportation safety, the water and navigation authority bears responsibility for structures on the federal waterways. This task includes regular structural inspections, as in the case of the old ship lift at Niederfinow.[more]

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Waldschlößchenbrücke over the River Elbe in Dresden is opened to traffic

On 26th August 2013, in glorious sunshine, the Wald­schlöß­chen­brü­cke was opened to traffic. Its construction took 6 turbulent years, during which the bridge structure with a total length of 636 m was built. [more]

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Completion of structural work for extension to Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders building

On 26th Au­gust 2013, the building construction department of our Berlin office visited the site of the extension to the Ma­rie-Eli­sa­beth-Lü­ders building in Berlin’s government district. After five years of planning and execution, the structure of the 13-floor building complex is now nearing completion, as the tower ceiling over Level 10 has been constructed. [more]

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Second section of B 454 road in Stadtallendorf is opened to traffic

On Wednesday 14th August, just in time for the end of the school summer holiday in Hessen, the second section of the lowered B 454 road in Stadt­al­len­dorf was opened to traffic. The participants at the official opening ceremony included Hessen’s Minister for Transport and Economics Flo­ri­an Rentsch and Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Transport Ministry Jan Mücke.[more]

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Breakthrough in Branich tunnel in Schriesheim

After around 18 months, the Branich tunnel mining team has succeeded in driving the crown of the tunnel through to its eastern portal. On 1st August 2013, tunnel patroness Mrs. Bir­git Ibach-Hö­fer was able to give the command to break through the last few centimeters of rock and let daylight into the tunnel. [more]

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Opening of Vicco-von-Bülow Gymnasium in Stahnsdorf

On 5th Au­gust 2013, in time for the start of the new school year, the Vicco-von-Bü­low Gymnasium (grammar school) in Stahns­dorf was officially opened. It was named after Bern­hard-Vik­tor Chris­toph-Carl von Bü­low, called Vicco for short and better known as Loriot. He was an extremely well-known and popular actor, director and caricaturist and showed great cultural commitment. It is hoped that his linguistic and artistic gifts will act as a model and incentive for the pupils of the new school.[more]

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Official naming ceremony for tunnel on underground line U 5 in Berlin

On 20th June 2013, the official ceremony during which the future underground railway tunnel was given the name "Char­lot­te" took place in the 17 m deep construction pit at the start of the tunnel. Together with Berlin mayor Klaus Wowereit, Dr. Sigrid Nikutta, chair of the BVG executive committee and director responsible for operations, gave the symbolic starting signal for the tunnel driving machine.[more]

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Ground-breaking ceremony for 16th section of Berlin city motorway A 100

With the ground-breaking ceremony on 8th May 2013 performed by Federal Minister of Transport Pe­ter Rams­auer (CSU) and Berlin’s senator for transport Mi­cha­el Mül­ler (SPD), work has officially begun at Grenzallee junction on the extension of the Berlin city motorway. [more]

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Official opening of CampusOne at Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe

The official opening ceremony for the campus of Hoch­schu­le für Mu­sik Karls­ru­he took place on 25th April 2013. The facilities of the university were previously located in different places around the town and have now been brought together at Cam­pus­One near Gottesaue castle. Among the new buildings, the multimedia complex is conspicuous due to its design and size. [more]

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Structural reinforcement of ATC tower at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport

This air traffic control tower was built in 1951 on the NATO Air Base at Hahn which was formerly operated by the US Air Force. Over time, the steel supporting structure and the foundations of the tower were damaged by penetrating moisture and the results of poor workmanship during an alteration in the 1980s. The damage was so serious that the structural safety of the building was no longer ensured.[more]

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THE SQUAIRE wins MIPIM Award 2013

THE SQUAIRE complex developed by IVG at Frankfurt Airport enjoyed outstanding success at this year’s MIPIM in Cannes and won the “Oscar of the real estate business” in the category „Best Office & Bu­si­ness De­vel­op­ment“. This prize is awarded annually in nine categories to enterprises which have developed and completed the most exceptional projects on the international scene. [more]

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KREBS+KIEFER accompanies ministerial delegations to Algeria

Dr. Nils Schmid, Deputy President and Minister for Finance and Economic Affairs of the State of Baden-Würt­tem­berg, visited Algiers from 3rd to 6th February 2013. Together with a delegation from the public and private sectors, he was welcomed by ministers of state and visited German companies who are active in Algeria. [more]

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Opening of the first construction phase of the main fire station in Freiburg

With its official opening by Mayor of Freiburg Dieter Salomon on 19th December 2013, the first construction phase of the main fire station in Freiburg ended shortly before Christmas. [more]

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Topping-out ceremony for primary school with daycare center in Frankfurt-Riedberg

A new district, Frank­furt-Ried­berg, is currently being built in the north of Frankfurt. In the long term, it will offer residential accommodation and amenities for around 15.000 inhabitants. After almost a year of construction, the topping-out ceremony for the second primary school in the district was held on 4th February 2013 in the presence of the head of the education department, Sa­rah Sor­ge, and the Managing Director of Hes­sen Agen­tur Stadt­ent­wick­lungs­ge­sell­schaft mbH, Fried­helm Flug.[more]