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16th planning section of the B 6n at Köthen open to traffic

With the symbolic cutting of the tape on Tuesday, 16 December 2014, the 16th planning section of the B 6n, the Köthen ring road, was opened to road users. Representatives of the Federal Government and the State of Saxony, and the Presidents of the State Highway Construction Authority and its employees were all involved with opening the 113A stretch.[more]

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Hans-Gerd Lindlar 60 years

On 8 December, 2014, Hans-Gerd Lindlar Dr.-Ing. reached 60 years of age. His name is well-known among the advisory engineers and test engineers, whether in the context of large infrastructure construction methods, technical verification of high-, engineering- and hydraulic construction or in connection with the activities of engineers and associations. [more]

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Mr Thomas Reinke has been awarded a Doctorate of Engineering (Dr. Ing).

Mr Reinke was awarded the Doctorate on 28 November 2014 after passing the doctoral examination by the Faculty for Construction Engineers, Geo and Environmental Sciences having achieved the academic standard. The topic of his dissertation was: "Structural behaviour of steel poles with polygonal cross-sections whilst bending".[more]

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Mr Sebastian Meurer achieves the "Refurbishment Designer" qualification

During a ten-month training programme, which ended with the exam for "Certified Refurbishment Designer", Mr Sebastian Meurer has proven his knowledge of the specific requirements for refurbishment.[more]

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"Scaffolding" Seminar Representatives from KREBS+KIEFER contribute their expertise

On 14 and 15 November 2014 the "Scaffolding" seminar, organised by the two largest German scaffolding associations Güteschutzverband Stahlgerüstbau e.V. and Bundesinnung Gerüstbau, took place in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Germany.[more]

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Careers in the region – students meet employers

For the third time, the city of Mainz's Economic Affairs department, in cooperation with Mainz High School and the Johannes Gutenberg University, was invited to the series of events "Careers in the region – students meet employers" at the lecture hall at Mainz Technical College.[more]

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Entry into the Federal Development Programme's Energy Expert list

The Federal Ministry as well as the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) demand additional qualifications for experts in heat loss as well as entry into the energy efficiency expert list as part of the KfW development programme "energy efficient constructions and renovations". Only those experts listed may bid for the development programme.[more]

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The Karlsruhe combined solution: Poster Party in October 2014

The Poster Party for the tunnel construction work under Karlsruhe’s Kaiserstraße was held on the afternoon of Saturday 25 October 2014 in glorious sunshine.[more]

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Weinberg Bridge opened over the Havel river in Rathenow

Under intense public interest, the Weinberg Bridge in Rathenow was opened and named on 15 October 2014. The 348m long footbridge serves as a way of connecting the optics park with the area at Weinberg during the German National Garden Show 2015.[more]

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The Karlsruhe combined solution: Tunnel boring machine (TBM) largely completed

As part of a construction project being led by Mr Peter Müller, KREBS+KIEFER Ingenieure GmbH, Karlsruhe, employees working at the Karlsruhe site were able to inspect close up the tunnel boring machine being used to construct the tunnel under Karlsruhe’s Kaiserstraße, right in the heart of the pedestrian zone.[more]

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KREBS+KIEFER at the Expo Real 2014 in Munich

The seventeenth International Trade Fair for Property and Investments took place in Munich between 6 and 8 October 2014. This trade fair is held every year at the Neues Münchner Messegelände (New Munich Expo Centre) - this is where people from all areas of the property industry come together to establish networks.At the Munich Expo Real Trade Fair, numerous exhibitors present their products and services from all areas of the property industry. This group of exhibitors includes property consultants and project developers, banks and investors, corporate real estate managers, representatives of cities and economic areas, and service providers from all areas of the industry.[more]

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Extension construction of the national museum in Schwerin 1. Ground-breaking ceremony

The building of the exhibition building started formally with the ground-breaking ceremony on the 30th of November, 2014. In the newly constructed two-storey building with approx. 800 square metres of exhibition space will be used to exhibit the contemporary art of Günter Uecker after 1945.[more]

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Renovation and extension of the memorial site of the Berlin Wall completed

Punctually, with the approaching 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall in November of 2014, the renovation and extension of the documentation centre on Bernauer Strasse is completed. KREBS+KIEFER added the inventory assessment for the earlier community hall of the Church of Reconciliation, the renovation planning for the former exposed concrete construction of the outer walls and the structural engineering for the extension of the exhibition area to this building measure.[more]

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Profound knowledge, quality and reliability have been the values of KREBS+KIEFER for decades!Maintaining proven traditions and implementing innovative development are sufficient reasons for us to modernise our external appearance.We hope you have fun surfing our homepage.[more]

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Tunnel safety in the planning, construction and operation phases and during retrofitting

In the spring of 2014, we were designated by DEGES as the safety officers during the planning, construction and commissioning phases of the three tunnels of Trimberg, Spitzenberg and Boyneburg, forming part of the A 44 between AS Waldkappel and AS Sontra-Nord.[more]

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Starting of school instruction in Marie-Curie Gymnasium in Dresden

With the start of the new school year, the students and teachers of the Marie-Curie Gymnasium could resume their lessons in the new school complex after 2 and a half years of construction. On the 5th of September, 2014, the ceremonial handing over to the school community by the mayor of the city of Dresden, Helma Orosz, and the Saxon State Minister of Cultural Affairs, Brunhild Kurth, took place. [more]

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IABSE Symposium Madrid 2014: KREBS+KIEFER present on many fronts

This year, at the 37th Symposium of the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering, or IABSE for short, taking place from the 3rd to the 5th of September in Madrid, KREBS+KIEFER participated and took part in many different facets of the event.The presentations and technical publications by KREBS+KIEFER were based on the motto of the convention: "Engineering for Progress, Nature and People". [more]

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Foundation laying ceremony of "The Fontenay" in Hamburg

In Hamburg, directly on the outer Alster on the property of the former Intercontinental Hotel, a new luxury hotel is currently under construction, and according to the building owner, Klaus-Michael Kühne, it will become "Germany's finest Hotel" and one of the best in Europe. With "The Fontenay", new standards will be set in the hotel industry. [more]

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Dipl.-Ing. Aleksandra Uhlig achieves certification as a passive house planner

In the course of a three-month advanced training program leading to an examination for the qualification of certified passive house planner, Ms. Alek­san­dra Uh­lig further improved her knowledge of the special requirements for the planning and construction of passive houses.[more]

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Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Peter Müller is appointed Authorized Signatory in Karlsruhe

With effect from 1st July 2014, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Pe­ter Mül­ler has been appointed Authorized Signatory. In this role, he will support the senior management team of Krebs und Kie­fer Be­ra­ten­de In­ge­ni­eu­re für das Bau­we­sen GmbH, Karls­ru­he, in the area of construction management. [more]

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K+K Darmstadt again takes part in J.P.Morgan race

On 11th June 2014, 22 colleagues from Krebs und Kie­fer Darm­stadt took part in the world’s largest inter-company race, the JPMor­gan Cor­po­rate Chal­lenge in Frank­furt am Main. This year, a total of over 71.735 runners representing over 2.700 companies from all over Germany participated in the race.[more]

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Topping-out ceremony for St. Martin Towers in Frankfurt

The topping-out ceremony for St. Martin Towers took place on Thursday 5th June 2014 after around a year and a half of construction. After the event was opened by Frankfurt mayor Mr. Peter Feldmann and building owner Mr. Georg von Opel, speeches were made by Brother Pau­lus from the Liebfrauen Capuchin monastery in Frankfurt, who accepted a donation in support of the homeless and needy in Frankfurt from Mr. von Opel, then by city council member Mr. Markus Frank and by Mr. Klaus Pöllath, chairman of the board of the general contractor Ed. Züblin AG.[more]

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Kantgaragen-Palast in Berlin – structural analysis of Europe’s oldest multi-storey parking facility

The Kant­ga­ra­gen-Pa­last, built between 1930 and 1936 and listed as a historic building monument since 1991, is Europe’s oldest multi-storey parking facility that is still in operation. Krebs und Kie­fer Be­ra­ten­de In­ge­ni­eu­re im Bau­wesen GmbH has carried out an analysis of the condition of the building and a computational study of its load-bearing structure.[more]

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Karlsruhe, city of construction sites – information tours on municipal projects

It‘s impossible to ignore: construction is in progress everywhere in Karls­ruhe. The „U-Strab“ tramway tunnel and the city’s 300th birthday celebrations in 2015 are on the horizon. The city is now making a virtue of necessity by inviting interested citizens to information tours of construction sites – and Krebs und Kie­fer is involved.[more]

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Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Reister is appointed Leading Engineer at KREBS+KIEFER Karlsruhe

With effect from 1st April 2014, Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Reis­ter has been appointed Leading Engineer in the area of building construction at our Karlsruhe office. [more]

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Naming ceremony for Cannstatt long-distance railway tunnel

Cannstatt long-distance railway tunnel is part of the major Stutt­gart 21 / new Wend­lin­gen-Ulm railway line project, in which the railway hub in Stuttgart is being completely reorganized and the existing main station is to be replaced by a new underground station. A new high-speed railway line between Stutt­gart and Ulm is being created.[more]

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Dr. Röhner is head of our office in Hamburg

Dr. Rita Röhner has been head of our office in Hamburg since 1st February 2014. Her objective is to further establish and strengthen our Hamburg location. [more]

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Dr. techn. Sven Huismann is appointed Leading Engineer

The management team is pleased to announce that Dr. techn. Sven Huismann has been appointed Leading Engineer with effect from 1st March 2014.[more]

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Ehrensenator-Huber-Preis awarded by Karlsruhe Institut für Technologie (KIT) faculty of civil engineering, geosciences and environmental science goes to Ms. Mirka Maurer

On 7th February 2014, the Ehrensenator-Huber-Preis was awarded to Ms. Mirka Maurer in recognition of her outstanding performance during her studies and her diploma thesis in the field of concrete construction.In her diploma thesis, Ms. Maurer tackled an extremely topical subject: ‘Recalculation of a road bridge followed by development of the requirements for a repair concept taking material fatigue into account’ ('Nach­rech­nung ei­ner Stra­ßen­brü­cke mit an­schlie­ßen­der Aus­ar­bei­tung von An­for­de­run­gen an ein Sa­nie­rungs­kon­zept un­ter Be­rück­sich­ti­gung der Er­mü­dung').[more]

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Wustermark station is now barrier-free

After a construction period of only six months, the new barrier-free access to the platform at Wustermark station in the Havelland district was officially opened on 20th Decem­ber 2013. The project formed part of the infrastructure acceleration program (IBP) and was mostly financed by German government funds. The construction costs amounted to around one million Euros.[more]

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Dipl.-Ing. Susan Herrmann becomes a Managing Partner

The partners’ meeting of Krebs und Kie­­fer & Part­­ner (KKP) has accepted Dipl.-Ing. Su­san Herr­mann into the circle of Managing Partners with effect from 1st Ja­­nu­­ary 2014.This is in recognition of her achievements during the establishment of the Mainz office. Since 1st January 2014, Ms. Herrmann has been working for KREBS+KIEFER Darm­stadt in her new role and she continues to be responsible for our Mainz office.[more]

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K+K patronage of tri-national course in Civil Engineering reaches successful conclusion

In Oc­to­ber 2010, 24 students from Germany, Franc­e and Switzerland took up a joint course of studies in Civil Engineering in France (Uni­ver­sité de Stras­bourg), in Switzerland (Fach­hoch­schu­le der Nord­west­schweiz Mut­tenz) and in Germany (Hoch­schu­le Karls­ru­he). The patron of the semester, which was named „Karl Cul­mann“ after the famous civil engineer, was Krebs und Kie­fer Karls­ruhe.In the course of practical semesters, lectures and support for final theses, there was an intensive exchange of ideas and experience between KREBS+KIEFER and the students, especially in the third and last year of the course at Hoch­schu­le Karls­ru­he. [more]